TL-BOX Pan/Tilt Head


TL-BOX is the new motorized two-axis head (horizontal and vertical) with a very compact design from Starworks, it may be placed in the bag with camera equipments and does not require any other accessories for its operation, only a tripod. Digital integrated electronics specially designed for creating time-lapse and panoramic shots in a continuous sequence and S-M-S. As a result of its digital timers and variable speed motors it is possible to take exposures from a minimum movements time of 2 minute to a maximum movements time of 24 hours, with pauses of 180 seconds between exposures.  This allows the capture of panoramic elements moving both slowly and quickly resulting in time-lapse videos never seen before.  Wide lcd display and 5 switches for a easy software control. With the new Goto function is possible to determine the beginning and end of the sequence and then decide on the duration and number of shots to perform. Another useful function is the Mosaic panel, you set the number of rows, columns and the horizontal and vertical offsets in degrees, the head then perform the sequence automaticallyThe new TL-BOX is equipped with a ON / OFF output (in S-M-S mode) that allows you to turn on / off an external motor which could be a homebuilt or other slider (maximum current up to 1 amp). Furthermore the TL-BOX have the Sync input for synchronization with the Starworks Sky Trail Pro slider.  Look at the video VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2




  • Variable speed control from 2 minutes to 24 hours (for one full 360° rotation and 160° tilt movement)
  • Simultaneous movements pan + tilt with separate speed control, only pan, only tilt
  • Time-lapse motion from position A to position B programmable
  • Automated mosaic function with # row, # column, horizontal and vertical offset
  • ON/OFF output to drive a external motor in shot-move-shot mode (up to 1 Ampere)
  • Camera shutter cable (included), see the page
  • Digital intervalometer from 1 to 180 seconds for delay between the shoots
  • Digital exposures timer from 10 milliseconds to 90 seconds for automatic or bulb mode
  • Focus timer
  • Pre and post exposure delay
  • Shoot-move-shoot and continuous movements function
  • Synchronization with the Sky Trail Pro via cable (cable not included)
  • Up to 32000 shots with counter
  • Save configuration in the internal eeprom
  • Compatible with Sky Trail Pro slider (firmware 4.3 or higher, older version please contact us)
  • Round bubble level, horizontal mounting only
  • Wide lcd display with backlight timer
  • CNC machined parts (alluminium-acrylic)
  • Camera cable suitable for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Leica, Fujifilm, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus
  • Tripods locking with 3/8” metallic screw female
  • Recommended head type Manfrotto #234 or similar for locking on Sky Trail Pro (not included)
  • Compact and elegant design - Made in Italy
  • English software


Available accessories:


  • Sky Trail Pro slider
  • RPO tripod
  • Sync cable
  • Camera shutter cable
  • Litium battery pack



Products included in the package:


  • TL-BOX Pan/Tilt Head
  • Camera shutter cable (specify the camera model when ordering, see the page)
  • Battery holder for type AA (8 x 1,5 volt) with power cable
  • Manual
  • 2 years warranty



Technical specifications:




Motion Pan/Tilt

Pan: + 180°/-180° Tilt: +70°/-90°

at highest speed

Pan 360° - 2 minutes / Tilt 160° - 2 minutes

at lowest speed

Pan 360°- 24 hours / Tilt 160° - 24 hours

Exposures timer/

From 10 ms to 90 seconds / from 1 to 180 seconds


2,5 kg

Max. lens payload Canon EF 70-200 L IS USM II (1490 gr.) with EOS 5D MkII (950 gr.)

Input voltage

DC 12 volt (2.1 x 5.5 mm plug)

Power consumption

500 mAh


1380 gr

Overall dimension

Body: 13 x 11 x 6 cm - With bracket: 16 x 11,5 x 9 cm

Price incl. VAT Limited Offer 649,00 euro ( Retail price 695,00 euro )
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